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Non-appeared definite body        Corps formel non-apparu    Ẩn một tướng    隱沒相    
One of the definite bodies of Buddha. The life of Buddha is infinite but this body is provisionally hidden.

nothing to be attained            Vô sở đắc    無所得    aprāptitva
nun        nonne bouddhiste    Tỉ khâu ni, Tì kheo ni    比丘尼     bhiksuni
one billion worlds        trois mille mondes    Tam thiên đại thiên thế giới    三千大千世界    Tri-sāhasra-mahā-sāhasra-loka-dhātu
Sumeru and its seven surrounding continents, eight seas and ring of iron mountains form one small world; 1, 000 of these form a small chiliocosm 小千世界; 1, 000 of these small chiliocosms form a medium chiliocosm 中千世界; a thousand of these form a great chiliocosm 大千世界, which thus consists of 1, 000, 000, 000 small worlds. The 三千 indicates the above three kinds of thousands, therefore 三千大千世界 is the same as 大千世界, which is one Buddha-world.

One-practice samādhi            Nhất hạnh tam muội    一行三昧    Ekavyūha-samādhi
A samādhi for realizing that the nature of all Buddhas is the same; the 起信論 says all Buddhas and all beings. Another meaning is entire concentration of the mind on Buddha.

original enlightenment            Bản giác     本覺    
original essence of all being        nature de dharma     Pháp tính    法性    dharmatā
Dharma-nature, the nature underlying all thing, the bhūtatathatā, a Mahāyāna philosophical concept unknown in Hīnayāna, v. 眞如 and its various definitions in the 法相, 三論 (or法性), 華嚴, and 天台 Schools. It is discussed both in its absolute and relative senses, or static and dynamic. In the Mahāparinirvāṇa sūtra and various śāstras the term has numerous alternative forms, which may be taken as definitions, i. e. 法定 inherent dharma, or Buddha-nature; 法住 abiding dharma-nature; 法界 dharmakṣetra, realm of dharma; 法身 dharmakāya, embodiment of dharma; 實際 region of reality; 實相 reality; 空性 nature of the Void, i. e. immaterial nature; 佛性 Buddha-nature; 無相 appearance of nothingness, or immateriality; 眞如 bhūtatathatā; 如來藏 tathāgatagarbha; 平等性 universal nature; 離生性 immortal nature; 無我性 impersonal nature; 虛定界: realm of abstraction; 不虛妄性 nature of no illusion; 不變異性 immutable nature; 不思議界 realm beyond thought; 自性淸淨心 mind of absolute purity, or unsulliedness, etc. Of these the terms 眞如, 法性, and 實際 are most used by the Prajñāpāramitā sūtras.

other shore        autre rive    Bỉ ngạn    彼岸    pāra
other-power        force de l'autre    Tha lực    他力    
Another's strength, especially that of a Buddha, or bodhisattva, obtained through faith in Mahāyāna salvation.

Own nature            Tự tính    自性    svabhāva, sva-lakṣaṇa
Own nature; of (its) own nature. As an intp. of pradhāna (and resembling 冥性) in the Sāṅkhya philosophy it is 'prakṛti, the Originant, primary or original matter or rather the primary germ out of which all material appearances are evolved, the first evolver or source of the material world (hence in a general acceptation 'nature' or rather 'matter' as opposed to purusha, or 'spirit')'. M. W. As 莎發斡 svabhāva, it is 'own state, essential or inherent property, innate or peculiar disposition, natural state or constitution, nature'. M. W. The self-substance, self-nature, or unchanging character of anything.

Paradise        Terre pure    An dưỡng     安養     
particularizing karma            Biệt báo nghiệp    別報業    
Peaceful        Paisible    An    安    
Peaceful dwelling        Période de retraite    An cư     安居    vārṣika
perfect wisdom        boddhéité    Bồ đề    菩提    Bodhi
knowledge, understanding; perfect wisdom; the illuminated or enlightened mind; anciently intp. by 道, later by 覺 to be aware, perceive; for saṃbodhi

Perfection        Perfection    Ba la mật    波羅蜜    pāramitā
perfection of wisdom            Bát-nhã ba-la-mật    般若波羅蜜    prajñā-paramitā
Perfectly illuminated        Parfaitement éveillé    Đẳng giác    等覺    Sammāsam
Pity        Pitié    Ai mẫn     哀愍    Karṇāyamāna
possessions of the self            Ngã sở    我所    mama-kāra
Mine, personal, subjective; personal conditions, possessions, or anything related to the self.

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