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identity        arrogance    Ngã mạn    我慢    Asmimāna
Iidentity; self-pride, pride; conceit. Egoism exalting self and depreciating others; self-intoxication, pride.

identity        arrogance    Mạn    慢    Asmimāna
ignorance        obscurité fondamentale    Vô minh    無明    Avidyā
Commonly tr. 'ignorance', means an unenlightened condition, non-perception, before the stirrings of intelligence, belief that the phenomenal is real, etc.

Immaculate conscience        Conscience immaculée    A ma la thức    阿摩羅識    Amala-vijñāna
Pure conscience, is also the ninth conscience.

Impermanent        Impermanent    Vô thường    無常    Anitya
impermanent, transient, illusory, as evidenced by old age, disease, and death.

Impersonality        Impersonnalité    Vô ngã    無我    anātman, anātmaka, nirātman, ni-rātmika, nairātmya
Non-ego, not -self, impersonality

Incommensurable number        Nombre incommensurable    A tăng kỳ    阿僧祇劫    Asamkhya
Increased by One Āgama Sutras        Les sutras des doctrines numériques     Tăng nhất A hàm kinh    增一阿含經    Ekottarikāgama
Infinite hell        Enfer Infini    A tỳ địa ngục    阿鼻地獄    Avīci
Jhanangani - Full concentration states        États de contemplation    Thiền chi    禪支    Jhānangāni
Karma-reward            Nghiệp báo    業報    
Karma-reward; the retribution of karma, good or evil.

karmic illness            Nghiệp bệnh    業病    
Illness as the result of previous karma.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva        Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha    Bồ Tát Địa Tạng    地藏菩薩    Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva
latter dharma        derniers jours du Dharma    Mạt pháp    末法    saddharma-vipralopa
Leak        infections     Lậu    漏    Āsrava
'flowing, running, discharge; distress, pain, affliction.' M.W. It is defined as another term for 煩惱 q.v.; also as the discharge, or outflow, from the organs of sense, wherever those exist, hence it is applied to the passions and their filth; impure efflux from the mind, v. 欲有; also to the leakage or loss thereby of the 正道 truth; also to the stream of transmigration.

Liberation        Libération    Giải thoát    解脫    mokṣa, vimokṣa, mukti, vimukti, pi. vimutti
Reach a state of liberation after having unloosed all attachments. Liberation from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth or reincarnation and all of the suffering and limitation of worldly existence. Its meaning is similar to that of Nirvana in Buddhism

Light Sound heaven        Ciel de Lumière    Quang âm thiên    光音天    Ābhassara-deva
Longer Āgama-sutra        Les longs sutras     Trường A hàm kinh    長阿含經    Dīrghāgama
Love        Aimer    Ái    愛    Tṛṣṇā
Love, affection, desire; also used for tṛṣṇā, thirst, avidity, desire, one of the twelve nidānas. It is intp. as 貪 coveting, and 染著 defiling attachment; also defined as defiling love like that toward wife and children, and undefiling love like that toward one's teachers and elders.

love and attachment; strong attachement            Ái trước    愛著    Rāga

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