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Fourth meditation        Quatrième niveau d'expérience méditative    Tứ thiền    四禪    Catvāri dhyāna
fragmentary samsāra            Phân đoạn sinh tử    分段生死    
limited birth-and-death

Gift of fearlessness        Don de courage    Vô úy thí    無畏施    Abhayadãna
Go; act; do            Hành    行    Saṃskāra
Go; act; do; perform; action; conduct; functioning; the deed; whatever is done by mind, mouth, or body, i.e. in thought, word, or deed. It is used for ayana, going, road, course; a march, a division of time equal to six months; also for saṁskāra, form, operation, perfecting, as one of the twelve nidānas, similar to karma, action, work, deed, especially moral action, cf. 業.

good and virtuous friend        ami de bien     Thiện tri thức    善知識    Kalyāṇa-mitra
good and virtuous friend        ami néfaste ou ami du mal    Ác tri thức    悪知識    pāpa-mitra
grave offenses            Ba la di    波羅夷    Pārājika
Great Assembly        Grande Assemblée    Đại chúng    大眾     Mahāsaṃgha
great brahman heaven            Phạm thiên vương    梵天王    Mahābrahamā
great brahman heaven        Maha-brahma    Đại phạm thiên    大梵天    Mahā-brahma
Great compassion        Grande compassion    Đại bi    大悲    mahākaruṇā
Great Compassion Mantra        Mantra de la Grande Compassion    Chú Đại Bi - Đại Bi Tâm Đà La Ni    大悲咒    Maha Karunika citta Dharani
great enlightenment        Grand Eveil     Đại giác    大覺    
The supreme bodhi, or enlightenment, and the enlightening power of a Buddha.

Great kindness        Amour universel    Đại từ    大慈    mahā-maitrī
It is love, universal love, to hope and to share joy to all beings.

Great Vehicle        Grand Véhicule    Đại thừa    大乘    Mahāyāna
heart, mind, spirit, motive, sense, mentality, idea            Tâm    心    citta
心 hṛd, hṛdaya 汗栗太 (or 汗栗馱); 紀哩馱 the heart, mind, soul; citta 質多 the heart as the seat of thought or intelligence. In both senses the heart is likened to a lotus. There are various definitions, of which the following are six instances: (1) 肉團心 hṛd, the physical heart of sentient or nonsentient living beings, e. g. men, trees, etc. (2) 集起心 citta, the ālayavijñāna, or totality of mind, and the source of all mental activity. (3) 思量心 manas, the thinking and calculating mind; (4) 緣慮心; 了別心; 慮知心; citta; the discriminating mind; (5) 堅實心 the bhūtatathatā mind, or the permanent mind; (6) 積聚精要心 the mind essence of the sutras.

hell        enfer    Địa ngục    地獄    naraka
Hidden essence of boudha        Nature cachée de bouddha    Ẩn một Như lai tạng    隱沒如來藏    
Every being has an essence of Buddha but it is hidden by the factors of disturbances.

Hindrance            Nghiệp chướng    業障    Karmāvaraṇa
The screen, or hindrance, of past karma, hindering the attainment of bodhi.

Hungry ghost        esprits affamés    Ngạ quỷ    餓鬼     preta
hungry spirits, one of the three lower destinies. They are of varied classes, numbering nine or thirty-six, and are in differing degrees and kinds of suffering, some wealthy and of light torment, others possessing nothing and in perpetual torment; some are jailers and executioners of Yama in the hells, others wander to and fro amongst men, especially at night. Their city or region is called 餓鬼城; 餓鬼界. Their destination or path is the 餓鬼趣 or 餓鬼道.

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