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Two views of self            Nhị ngã kiến    二我見    
The two erroneous views of individualism: (a) 人我見 The erroneous view that there is an independent human personality or soul, and (b) 法我見 the like view that anything exists with an independent nature.

Unrealistic thought        Pensée irréaliste    Điên đảo tưởng    顛倒想    
Delirious cogitation and delusive, mad, unrealistic thoughts which make us unhappy, annoying.

Venerable         Vénérable    Đại đức    大德    Bhadanta
Big virtuousness. This name was used before to indicate the monks having big virtuousness. Now, it is used to indicate all monks in general (bhikkhus)

waters with eight attributes            Bát công đức thuỷ    八功德水    
Whatever is phenomenal is impermanent.        impermanence des multiples mouvements    Chư hành vô thường    諸行無常    Anityāḥ sarva-saṃskārāḥ
Whatever is phenomenal is impermanent.

White clothing        adepte en blanc,    Bạch y    白衣    avadāta-vasana
White clothing, said to be that of Brahmans and other people, hence it and 白俗 are terms for the common people. It is a name also for Guanyin.

willow twigs            Dương chi    楊枝    Dantakāṣṭha
Wisdom        Sagesse    Bát nhã    般若    prajñā
Wisdom        Sagesse, Sapience    Tuệ    慧    Prajñā, jñāna
Wisdom, discernment, understanding; the power to discern things and their underlying principles and to decide the doubtful. It is often interchanged with 智, though not correctly, for zhi means knowledge, the science of the phenomenal, while hui refers more generally to principles or morals.

Without effort        Sans effort    Vô công dụng    無功用    An-ābhoga
world-honored one        Vénéré du Monde    Thế tôn    世尊    Lokanātha, Bhagavat
world's most Venerable, or lokanātha, lord of worlds. 盧迦委斯諦; 路迦那他 World-honoured, an epithet of every Buddha.

wrong view            Ác kiến    惡見     dṛś、mithyā-dṛṣṭi

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